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Schools & Nurseries

Dinners for schools and nurseriesDelicious, healthy and nutritious meals for nurseries and schools.

Tiptree meals have been providing meals for the elderly for 32 years.  We also provide meals for day centres, schools and nursery schools.  We have our current menus, or we can happily sit with you and work out a menu to suit your needs.  

The advantage of having hot meals brought into your school or day centre, is that you have no staff to pay.  You also have the reliablity of knowing that your meals will always be there for you.

The meals are prepared and cooked freshly on the day.  The cost is lower to you because of reduced overheads.  Freshly cooked and delivered to you at the right time.  All our staff have level two hygiene certificates and I am in charge of the daily running of the kitchen.  I have been the owner of Tiptree meals for 32 years and have built up a successful business which is reliable and has a great relationship with the local hygiene inspectors, as well as social services.  I pride myself on being a reliable and enthusiastic person and you’ll find that I always work to my best.

Sample Menu

Chicken casserole with mashed swede, carrot and green beans.

Mild chili con carne with quorn, rice and peas.

Roast turkey, boiled potatos and brocolli

Jacket potato with ham and cheese with a side salad